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We are all about customer service. Other companies often keep you waiting for a return call. We will usually answer your call immediately or return it within a few minutes. We strive to leave you with the satisfaction you deserve. Call us today for a quote.


When you need animal capture and removal services in california, we offer the best value. In addition to our professional services and excellent customer service we also offer the best prices in the area. As soon as you suspect you have an animal problem in your home, contact us for a quote to investigate. Animals can find their way into small spaces in different areas of your home where they may nest or roost. You might here strange sounds, detect unusual odors, or see evidence that an animal has been in an area of the building. We know how to search out the animals and humanely capture and remove them to eliminate your problem.

If you need for us to find and remove any type of animal, we will go a step further and investigate for damage that the animal may have done to your home. Some animals cause damage to the structure while others might chew on wires and put you at a greater risk of your house catching on fire!

Our animal capture and removal services are an investment that can prevent a great deal of expense later on when extensive damage has to be repaired or if a fire results from the damage to your electrical system. Even if there is no major damage from the animals now, the problem could grow quickly. We are the experienced professionals who know what to look for and what steps to put things back like they used to be. We go the extra mile to give you the best service for less and help you save money down the road.

Animal Capture And Removal

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