Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you remove dead animals?

    Yes, we will remove animals from under floors, attics, inside walls, and on your property. We do not remove road kill.

  • What kind of trap do you use?

    We use only humane live box traps. The animal enters the trap, steps on the trigger, the door drops and the trap now becomes a safe cage. We check each trap we set every 24 hours as required by California Fish & Game regulations.

  • What happens to the cats you trap?

    Unless feral cats are our "target" animal, they will be released on site and unharmed. Only if the client wishes will a "feral" cat be taken to the local shelter. We do our best to never remove any cat that appears to be someones pet no matter what a client wishes. We are animal lovers and would not want this to happen to our own cat.

  • I lost my dog, have you picked it up?

    We never pick up dogs. All dog related calls are referred to local animal care and control officers.

  • Why do you charge the prices you do?

    This profession requires a highly skilled wildlife operator that is familiar with animal behavior. We must keep not only the animals safe from harm but also the customer. We are extremely thorough with our work and have the knowledge that allows us to do more than other companies. We have been in this business for many years and have pretty much seen it all. Prior to becoming nuisance wildlife operators we did animal damage repairs to air ducts for a local heating and air conditioning company. Many of the animals we deal with carry numerous diseases and are extemely dangerous. Dead animals carry as many as thirty different diseases. Many are covered with fleas and ticks.
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  • Does the city or county take care of wild animal problems?

    Most city and county animal care and control officers do not deal with wild animals unless they are injured. They certainly will not crawl under homes or climb in attics as we do. These agencies normally deal with cats and dogs and do a wonderful job. I would hope people might stop by their local shelter and find a loving companion to adopt as we did.

  • Do you use poisons?

    We never use poisons. Never have and never will. We do not believe in harming animals. We do not use pesticides or chemicals. We believe in a green environment.

  • Do you do pest control work?

    As with most nuisance wildlife control companies, we are not licensed to do any live pest control work. We are allowed to remove any dead animal such as mice, rats and larger animals. Many pest control companies are not licensed to do wildlife control and usually refer these types of calls to us.

  • Are you a part of the California Department of Fish & Game?

    No we are not. We are licensed with the State of California.

  • Do you trap wildlife for their fur?

    We do not trap for fur. We believe "EVERY FUR COAT HURTS"!

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