About Animal Capture and Removal

Animal Capture And Removal personnel are private nuisance wildlife control operators. We have been working in the nuisance wildlife control field for many years. In fact we are one of the oldest nuisance wildlife companies in the bay area. We are licensed with the State of California to trap nuisance animals.

The owner is a former United States Marine Corps Veteran.

We have received two commendations from Pete Wilson. One was while he was a California Senator and another as Governor of California. He referred to our "many rescues of animals from dangerous places, our community involvement, leadership and being a positive example".

We also received a commendation from President Bill Clinton stating "selfless dedication to improving your community, you have bettered the lives of many people. I commend you for your devotion to caring for others. It is fitting we honor those who, like yourselves, act as examples of others. You personify the spirit of service, and I praise you for your spirit of service, and I praise you for your sense of duty to your fellow citizens".

We service private property owners, real estate and property management companies, refineries, golf courses, theme parks, homebuilders, and municipalities at large.

We are recommended by many pest control companies, law enforcement agencies, animal care and control agencies, and our local state humane officers.

Animal Capture Wildlife Control has helped provided body armor and support for local law enforcement K-9s. We are also proud sponsors of our local "Police Officer of the Year" awards.

Members of the California NWCO Association, Bat Conservation International, B.A.T. Certified, The Humane Society (HSUS), State Licensed & Insured.


Animal Capture And Removal

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