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If you are in need of dead animal removal to be completed in a safe, timely manner you have searched out the right wildlife company. Animal Capture Wildlife Control has performed this dirty, but necessary job throughout several San Francisco Bay Area counties over several years. Animals die every day on homeowner’s properties, in attics and under floor spaces. Animals in trailers often crawl up and live between the floor and sub-floor space which holds the insulation and make their home. Unfortunately the animals can also die in these spaces. Often times these animals may have been poisoned by any number of ways. Sometimes they might have had a fight with another animal or just died of old age. Whatever the case, we are here to take care of the problem. We are the only company recommended by our local State Humane Officers and have been for many years. We have seen almost all situations and places where an animal can meet their end. We respectively remove this health hazard safely and quickly. Dead animals can carry over 30 different diseases including Anthrax which is infectious and transmissible to humans. Parasites which accompany many dead animals are also carriers of disease. All too often we find ourselves covered with fleas while removing dead animals. The odor of a dead mouse or rat can last a few weeks, but the odor of a large decomposing body might have you moving out of the house until it has been removed. You can start breathing fresh, clean air again shortly after the removal of the remains. We use state of the art cameras to help located animals in walls. Each case is different and there are times and situations where we may need to cut into areas to remove these remains and you will have to decide if you wish this to be done. Call us today.

We remove dead animals from Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Contra Costa, Solano, Yolo, Sacramento and other counties.

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